No mercy

tell the art that travels in you the love that spreads all  the beauty of life that boils  against your intestinal walls  and leave no mercy to the soul 

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‘A poet is not a jukebox. So don’t tell me what to write.’ -Randall. Yet nobody’s telling about giving away nothing … Today Page9 gives away a copy of Pieces o’ Poetry One / POP1. Pieces o’ Poetry One – POP1  See it for yourself & enjoy! JK

Copy the brain

Copy the brain And die in peace Death will only stay In my new project of life My alter me that I am To survive eventually And in a morbid way the human soul Where creativity once remained alive Drew breath and talked to me Now there is the silence Of hollow immortality projects


Twisting plots Drive me nuts Who got shot Who did not Happens next Moody text Shoot me once Lot of guns Read it twice Must be lies End of story Death, no glory Shut the book It was The Cook Who did it Admit it Hate loose ends No offense Tie them up Yelled The…