syllable by syllable
words flee
unscrambled on
white, flushing
waterfalls on
screen of light
fights of scrambled
wherefore language



white light sharing beams of fire
while bright color seems to fade
the sands in a distance just left
the stage I’m in, forgetting the make
of ev’ry little creature
instead, forgiving my own mistake
of ev’ry little lie
please remember me sun
do dry the tears of my eye



further on he saw
he saw some thing
some one black and
white, grey behind a
silver screen we call

the thing was there
but did not seem to move

the infra of life



He walks, never stops
Roads endless
Frequently empty
No idea
Nor track of time
Lost in a jungle of lights
Crying out names
Widows closing windows
The poor child flees
No doors open

He gets there, stops
Behind his back he hears
People listening
No sounds
Nor footsteps
Waiting for the next
Changing their lifes
Creating a past
By just passing by



written in an unreal way
so no one really wants to understand
the twist to reality

if someone does
the fairy tail ends
right away

dooming that person to wander
in real life forever
and ever



behind the scenery
a novel of green history
dragged into the present
a moment of silence
deep sadness or consciousness
looking down facing left
landmarks leaving roofs
of future homes,
times nearby the
hills they left behind



pillow talk

a secret pillow walk

from top to toe

the snow white how to go

hills beyond the valleys

of building trust

an overflow of love

just rests in our

adrenalized lust



Marble bourbon
Illuminated dust
Behind hidden faces fingers of pain
No restrain held
Backwards into her shadows
Rays of sun
Cracks of wood



Belief and science
Can we go together
Can we travel through my mind
And solve some things
Do we live the same dream
That someday things just make sense
Join me and watch time go by
Or tease me and make things right
Going somewhere
Aiming for the reasons
Attracted to the sound
The origin



Tan lines written on the body
Like rivers running through the valley
Of colors cracking sunbeams apart
Glowing like rays of light burned deep
Into one’s soul keeping the waters of life

That single point of reference to construct
To build to measure anything but the mutual
Of black and white
Religions too, to find confidence
Truth Faith
As from the baseline



Trees clouds beaming in past
Nature’s shapes streaming
Exploring land’s fate
Towards future’s escape
Of restless dreaming
Or fatal rape

Figuring out those empty spaces
Leaves us there where we were
Behind with single traces
Of fearless screaming
Or just death



what in the world can I do
to make you loving me
the way I love you
I’m in the mood for your tender touch
my heart will overflow
my soul won’t let you go
come on heaven
what are you waiting for
gimme that smile
sweet and soft
an angel’s shot
arrows burning
like lightning
exploding in my mind
horses that hit my body
striking thunders in the sky


save she said save
your love for me
so I did
I did
save my love

say she said say
you love me
yeah I do
I do
love you

that’s what I say
said it the wrong way
sad the story of my life


heaven on earth
our last resort
is that what we’re living for
or somehow try to do
while breaking down
the one we have
or had


white wind
nothing more
nothing less
blew away
left blue
as a guess

fill white
get black
turn back
as a matter
of fact


You did
You died
You did
Inside of me
We quited
No we didn’t
You did


nature cry
why leaves would die
in autumn even spring
could get frozen
acid on her wing
should we permit
those cries to be a
stupid kingsize mess


picture yourself in a boat on a river
rowing your skiff
floating through your mind
empty waterdrops flying
upside down
sharp as knife
rowing to survive


what was dead did not die
how stupid was thy lie
in between
bold sky
no thread or try
of faith
that we’ve seen
even death
couldn’t’ve ever
met my dream
or should’ve


who is afraid
is anyone
of the dark
what would it be
to walk spend
an hour in the darkest
without rain
sun air light

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