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Blue and black

Blue and black, crazy head 

On the cover of my [paperback]

Blue and black, puzzlin’ crap

You lover of amazin’ clues

Instead we kiss the blues 

Forget future dudes, listen

To moody zoo, the final

Notes, a huge gap in my hat

Don’t agree, she wasn’t meant 

For me 

But blue and black 

On the cover of my [paperback]

~ on ‘last page, lost friend’

True, it stays with you though. In a way they do, the story and the characters, they have become part of your existence like a realistic memory. Fiction gets alive. 


The road the way 

To write 

The road the way 

To bite in you, new 

My words of pleasure 

The written leisure

He wrote in the air and stopped

At the nearest gas station

To fill you up

The next avenue 

Lying ahead of us 

~ on Dylan

In silence you wait 

Maybe doubt to decide 

If whatever you do 

Should be to please 

Doubting is what you do 

The language shall prevail

Poems ‘n songs and even

Words themselves would be 

There just the same mister Dee

Immortality Project

Copy the brain And die in peace 

Death will only stay 

In my new project of life

My alter me that I am

To survive eventually 

And in a morbid way the human soul

Where creativity once remained alive

Drew breath and talked to me 

Now there is the silence 

Of hollow immortality projects 

An image of words 

My brain’s havin’ fun

My mind’s on the run

Why should it be otherwise 

Than an image of words of misbehavior that isn’t real

A fantasy of events that aren’t 

true as steel 

Yet lettin’ thoughts go free 

Like wild creeping thyme

Like the wheel of fortune

Playing once upon a time