my new book of poems POP2 

As a young adult I wrote love letters and became a word addict at that time; later I started writing pieces of poetry on giftcards and being a law student back then I struggled with my first short story and other tales of brevity like flash fiction and a memorable kind of myth about O’people living on a frozen river bank. 

The story behind Page9 started nearing the end of 2011 as I took an old pencil to write down an initial narrative. Twenty-seven days later my first novel completed and published itself in 2012. Around the same time I launched my blog Page9. On page nine it is that people decide to read the entire book and it has been proven by many I suppose. 

In my second book of poems, once again I tried to accomplish a syllabling mission of forty -?- pieces. In this work the verses seem to express my thoughts in an evolving style. 

Hope you like, 

“It takes two to tango”


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