Above All Write
~ a story about writing

The greatest possible drive on earth is writing. At least to me it is. The need and appetite to write is a vast desire, bigger than life and faster than the speed of any other impulse.
It’s the origin. The sound of a word before there was any light at all. A word heard in darkness would have been first written and then spoken. First written in the genius mind of a creature that created itself with that sound.

The urge to write is a human thing.
It’s different from the thirst of any other living organism. It feels Devine.
Yet it isn’t. Any other mammal would talk if only we were able to understand. The approachable way of writing or talking of the mind should be a universal hunger to understand. Understand our own kind and others as well. Why are we not capable of doing such an easy thing? We’re hurting in stead of hearing. We want to travel to new planets. To cause damage to possible life there? While our own earth is having pain we long to leave it?

Happy New Year ~ JK page9🌐

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