Today I published a new thriller ‘The splendid soul of my novelist’ Hope you like
Can you feel the field of illusion If you do Does your mind touch it If it can Try again For the second time You will die twice

[ Caribbean Dutchman Jan Kaan lives in Aruba. ‘The splendid soul of my novelist’ is his first short story written in English. Unquestionable his second debut. A psychological thriller that takes you into the powerful waterfalls of words. ]

One thought on “my new work of fiction

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel – written with a very dark and disturbing twist. The book pulls you down into the depths of Jason’s soul, torn between two women – exploring a dark and vivid imagination that becomes his reality. Jan Kaan is a very talented author. I have read all of his novels, and each one is very well written. His novels show a great deal of versatility, each with a completely different subject yet each beautifully well written. A must read!


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